51st national meeting of the AG JLC

51st national meeting of the AG JLC still online

On the weekend of 12-14 March 2021, the now 51st nationwide meeting of the AG JLC once again took place in a digital setting. Unfortunately, we were not able to get to know the city of Gießen and the institute of food chemistry in person, but the AG Gießen came up with an amazing program to make even a digital meeting as varied as possible! So on Friday the activities started with a guided tour of the institute via video and a surprise program with a get-to-know-you quiz and spontaneous game night 😊 Then on Saturday the official meeting started, during which among other things the latest events of the AGs in the field, news from the LChG board and the poster flashtalk on the regional association meetings organized by the AG were discussed. Further, of course, the practical year in the different federal states was discussed, as well as issues related to gendering, and a related policy change. On Saturday evening there was a chocolate tasting organized by the AG Gießen - an insight into the work in the field of sensory analysis.
Many thanks to the AG Gießen for the organization of this particularly entertaining meeting! Let's hope that the next nationwide meeting in Wuppertal in connection with the Food Chemists' Day (also digital) will work out just as well, and that next year we can meet again in presence!