52nd federal meeting of the AG JLC the fourth digital meeting in a row

At the last weekend of August, 27th to 29th, the 52nd meeting of the AG JLC was hold. This was the fourth digital meeting which otherwise would have been taken place in Wuppertal. To show the participants some parts of the city and the university, the AG group from Wuppertal organized an extensive supporting program. On Friday evening, the weekend was started with an online guided tour of the institute and on the side, it was talked about topics like the most favourite laboratory equipment. For Saturday evening the group planned a virtual “Schwebebahn” tour, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Wuppertal. As a part of this tour there were shown pictures for each station of the train and a lot of stories and facts about Wuppertal were told. All viewers could take part in the quiz which was about questions like the number of steps between the main train station and the university or guessing of animal voices from the zoo of Wuppertal. On both evenings there were some people playing online games together afterwards to let the evening fade away.

The official meetings took place on Saturday and Sunday from morning till noon. On Saturday, there were presented the reports from the “Bundessprecher:innen” (the leading persons in AG JLC Germany) and of the executive committee from the LChG. Additionally, it was talked about several events of the local AG groups. For example, they organised activities like digital trips to companies, sensorics-tests or game evenings. On Sunday, the finance report was presented and furthermore Sammy Venegas as new “Bundessprecher”, Eva Beck as new record keeper and Lisa Engelbart as new treasurer were elected. The engaged mini-AG groups talked about their work and after that formed breakout sessions to discuss new projects. At the very end, most of the participants joined the famous pizza eating, each person in front of its own screen.

Many thanks to the AG Wuppertal for the organisation of the meeting and the great supporting program. We are looking forward to a soon reunion at the next meeting in Karlsruhe in spring 2022 which hopefully can be a meeting in real life. If that is not possible, the last digital meetings have shown us that also in virtual surrounding a nice meeting weekend could be arranged.