53. Bundessitzung der AG JLC

53. Bundessitzung der AG JLC im März 2022

On the second weekend of March 2022, the 53rd federal meeting of the AG JLC was held online. The whole weekend was wonderfully organized by the AG Karlsruhe, because originally the meeting should have taken place in Karlsruhe. The weekend started on Friday with a presentation of the Food Chemistry working groups in Karlsruhe. The lecturers gave a short presentation about their work and videos of the laboratories were shown. Afterwards, there was a nice virtual guided tour through Karlsruhe, with some pictures and videos of the university and the town. In addition, each participant got a package with some little presents in advance and together everyone could open the presents at this evening. The first day of the meeting began on Saturday morning. At this day there were presented some information from the LChG committee and as well the finance report was explained. Furthermore, some local AG groups talked about their current events. The official invitation of the next meeting of the AG JLC in Hamburg in September 2022 was issued, together with some possible actions for the hopefully first federal session, which will take place "offline" again. In the evening there was again a very nice program organized by the AG Karlsruhe. Everyone got the opportunity to take part in a mint tasting. The mint teas as well as some seeds to grow where sent before in the packages. Afterwards, there was a Pub Quiz evening in which teams from different towns could answer questions about different topics such as food science, general knowledge or the town Karlsruhe. Everyone had a lot of fun this evening. A great thank you to the AG Karlsruhe for the whole organisation of the weekend. On Sunday, the second day of the meeting started. This day some people with special commitment to the AG JLC were honoured and moreover the current work of some of the Mini-AGs was presented. For example, it was talked about the decreasing number of first-year students at some universities and how to improve this situation. In addition, the next AG JLC representative on the LChG board was elected. From the beginning of next year, Moritz Popp (Munich) will take over this important task. Traditionally at the end of the meeting (before the unofficial pizza-eating), the Mini-AGs met in small groups to discuss new projects. The results of this conversations were shortly presented in the plenum. And with that the meeting was already finished. Of course, everyone is hoping to see each other again in real life soon, for example at a summer event in Southern Germany or at the next federal meeting in Hamburg.